Between 2010 and 2012, Valeo cut its water consumption by 32% compared with 2009.

Valeo continued to reduce its water consumption in 2013, both in terms of total volume (-0.7%) and relative to sales (-1.9%).

Water consumption /sales

This reduction has been achieved thanks to efforts made by the Group’s sites in two main areas: to reduce the amount of water used for industrial purposes, which represents 55% of total consumption, and to reduce water used for general purposes.

Reducing the quantity of water used for industrial purposes is a top priority for Valeo. Consequently, open-loop cooling systems have been banned and the water from the machine cooling systems is permanently recycled on all the Group’s sites.

In terms of water used for general purposes, the sites have introduced some good practices: push taps, flow restrictors for taps and shower heads, the installation of meters and identification of leaks. Several sites introduced measures of this type in 2013. Examples include San Luis Potosi in Mexico, which launched a leak detection program in the entire plant, installed taps with automatic detection and now uses the waste water from the site’s purification station to water the gardens and lawns. The site estimates that it has made savings of 1,800m³.

Valeo has set itself a new target of cutting its water consumption relative to sales by 10% by 2015.

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