The best of your smartphone in your car. The Valeo smart screen is the result of research into the best balance between price and performance, putting touchscreen connectivity within everyone's reach. It is suitable for all types of vehicles, particularly those in the entry-level ranges (A, B and C segments).

The smart screen provides infotainment functions in all vehicles and is an optimum solution  in terms of cost and size. Three factors contributed to this performance:
Integration: the electronic control system has been built in right behind the screen, reducing the need for interconnect systems, harnesses and a separate ECU. 
Smartphone usage: because functions such as navigation, MP3 player, etc, are supplied by the smartphone, there is no need to build their electronics into the smart screen. 
Standardization: the use of standardized components has made it possible to reduce the overall cost of the system.
The smart screen gives constant in-car access to the latest functions while taking advantage of interfaces that are fully optimized for the driving environment.
The smart screen has the following functions:
Smartphone interaction via the MirrorLink® protocol, using a Bluetooth®, WiFi® or USB® connection.
7-inch capacitative touchscreen.
Dynamic ambient lighting, offering quick identification of the current application type.
Application filtering, allowing only applications which are compatible with a driving environment to run.
Gesture detection for greater fluidity in controlling functions.
"Black mask" buttons which disappear when not relevant, simplifying the driver's view.


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