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Valeo debut CEATEC JAPAN 2018 with XtraVue, a system based on a set of connected cameras that eliminates visual obstacles


Global automotive system and component supplier, Valeo, will exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2018 held between October 16 and 19 in Makuhari Messe, for the first time.

As the Japan premier, Valeo will showcase the Valeo XtraVue, a system based on a set of connected cameras that eliminates visual obstacles. Valeo will also demonstrate Valeo SCALA® 2, the new generation of its laser scanner, and AI 3D Object Perception. These Valeo’s technologies are at the epicenter of a once-in-a-century revolution shaping today’s automotive industry: autonomous vehicles and digital mobility.

Valeo gives XtraVue its debut in Japan, combining Valeo’s computer-vision camera system, laser scanner, telematics to show drivers what is happening on the road ahead, even outside their line of sight. Video from other connected vehicles and roadside infrastructure cameras is shown on the car’s display. Leveraging future public 5G and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) networks, the technology merges this data and creates a simple, enhanced view of the road. For drivers, it is like being able to see right through the obstacles in front of the vehicle. Enhanced visibility and comprehensive information provide safe conditions for overtaking.

In CEATEC JAPAN 2018, Valeo will make a demonstration with two connected cars. When Valeo XtraVue is activated, visitors can discover the car shielding the view become semi transparent in the monitor and they will be able to see right through vehicles ahead.

Valeo will demonstrate the live detection of Valeo SCALA® 2 laser scanner.  The Valeo SCALA® 2 is a new generation of Valeo SCALA®, which is the first automotive grade laser scanner on the market, making its debut in 2017 with a German premium brand and the 2018 PACE award winner.  The new Valeo SCALA® 2 offers 3 times wider vertical field of view from its previous model enabling for example lane marking detection. It works during day and night at both low and high speeds, scanning its environment for any kind of obstacles. Valeo SCALA® 2 will be a key enabler for highly automated driving.

The development of the autonomous car involves a series of successive stages, with widespread take-up of automated functions already well under way. The starting point for this revolution is sensors, which allow passenger cars and collective transportation vehicles alike to detect and understand information about the environment in which they are traveling. Valeo offers the automotive industry’s widest range of sensors, comprising ultrasound sensors, cameras, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems and radars.

Valeo also makes a demonstration of AI 3D Object Perception which is a full set of Deep Learning solutions for various tasks necessary for the automated driving. By using high resolution fisheye cameras, the system offers 360-degree high performance object detection and accurate pose estimation. It perceives the vehicle's environment such as the position and size of objects and its driving direction which will be essential data for the automated parking and automated driving.
One of the challenges for “all-conditions” automated driving is locating the vehicle’s exact position on the road, especially in complex environments such as cities. City roadway systems abound in less clearly delimited features such as crossroads, roads without markings and intersections without signs. For this reason, one of the technological challenges for automated driving in cities concerns the ability of sensors to identify all other vehicles in the immediate vicinity and anticipate their trajectories in order to ensure the safety of all road users. Valeo is developing technologies that will make automated driving possible in all such complex situations.

CEATEC JAPAN 2018 Valeo booth:Hall 3 No. D004
Valeo XtraVue demonstration: Hall 5 Co-Creation Park
Valeo Press Conference: Tuesday October 16, from 1 PM to 1:30 PM in the media center

Valeo debut CEATEC JAPAN 2018 with XtraVue, a system based on a set of connected cameras that eliminates visual obstacles (PDF 231.68kB)

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