Valeo Japan Co., Ltd. merges its wholly-owned subsidiary, Valeo Niles (Niles Co., Ltd.), effective on November 1, 2013, in order to improve business efficiency by simplifying its corporate structure.  

With the new, simplified and efficient corporate structure, Valeo Japan aims to strengthen business operation, and to offer better products and services, by utilizing Valeo’s global strength and Japan’s craftsmanship and technical expertise. 

Major locations

CJP RO/IVN Head Office [map]

CJP RO/IVN Head Office

5-28-6, Omorinishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo,143-8521
Tel:+81-3-3763-0333 Fax:+81-3-3763-7272

Tsukuba Techno Center [map]

Tsukuba Techno Center

104-2 Yagihashi, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 305-0842
Tel:+81-29-836-1331 Fax:+81-29-836-1218
Main Activities: R&D,Testing,Production Engineering

Ibaraki Plant [map]

Ibaraki Plant

2994 Suka, Itako-shi, Ibaraki 311-2448
Tel:+81-299-66-2220 Fax:+81-299-66-2225
Main Products: Multi function switch, Cigarette lighter, Power window switch, Electronic parts

Jonan Plant [map]

Jonan Plant

1339 Shiizuka, Inashiki-shi, Ibaraki 300-0512
Tel:+81-29-840-5100 Fax:+81-29-840-5105
Main Products: Automotive electrical component switches (Coated and laser products)

Akita Plant [map]

Akita Plant

52-66 Nebakozawa, Oosawa, Omonogawa-machi, Yokote-shi, Akita 013-0218
Tel:+81-182-56-2140 Fax:+81-182-56-2000
Main Products: Automotive electrical component switches

Hamamatsu Branch Office [map]

Hamamatsu Branch Office

3-23-15, Kamijima, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, 433-8122
Tel:+81-53-411-5570 Fax:+81-53-411-5600

CDA CIC/ISC Head Office [map]

CDA CIC/ISC Head Office

Kumagaya-shi Saitama 360-0193
Tel : +81-485-36-1121 Fax : +81-485-39-3810

Annaka Plant

Annaka Plant

668 Haraichi Annaka-shi Gumma 379-0133
Tel : 81 273 80 5401 Fax : 81 273 81 0766
Main Products: Control panels for air conditioners