Wasabi d’air

What’s “Wasabi d’air”?

The unpleasant odors of car air conditioner have two origins: odors from outside and odors generated in the air conditioner. Conventional deodorant filters reduce only the odors from outside only, and they cannot eliminate the odors occurred in the air conditioner. However, “Wasabi d'air” utilizes antimicrobial constituent of Wasabi, Japanese horseradish, to purify the air, get rid of odors of air conditioner and keep the compartment comfortable.。

Product feature:

  • Wasabi d’air reduces the activity of microbes by diffusing the antimicrobial constituent of synthetic Wasabi inside of the air conditioner.
  • Wasabi d’air can be easily clipped on an air conditioning filter and it is compatible for almost all the vehicles.
  • Wasabi d’air can be used for one year and be replaced in the same time with the air filter.


During the parking, bacteria and mold easily grow up inside of the air conditioner due to the high temperature after use. According to an internal test, “Wasabi d'air” can reduce the number of microbes which cause of the odors by one hundredth.

Wasabi d’air

Without Wasabi d’air

Wasabi d’air

With Wasabi d’air

Wasabi d’air


Wasabi d’air
Pull out the air filter from the air conditioner unit to fit a Wasabi d’air.

How to reduce microbes

Wasabi d’air

When the car air conditioning doesn’t work during the parking, “Wasabi d'air” diffuses the antimicrobial constituent inside of the air conditioner.

Wasabi d’air

When the car air conditioner is in use, there is no odor of Wasabi. Wasabi d’air has no effect to odors from outside. Please use a deodorant filter together.


Usage advisory:

  • Wasabi d’air can be fit to most of air filters with the height of 20mm and the width of 130 mm. Please contact to distributors for details.
  • A person who has allergies to Wasabi shouldn't use it.
  • You can use it a Wasabi d’air with a deodorant filter together.
  • Once you fit a Wasabi d’air to a air filter, you cannot remove it any more. Please check the fitment procedure in advance.
  • “Wasabi d'air” can reduce the odors generated by microbes in a car air conditioning. It has no effect to odors of cigarettes.
  • You cannot fit Wasabi d’air without an air filter. Please buy one to fit it.
  • It is recommended to replace Wasabi d’air when you change the air filter.
  • Regarding the fitting procedure, please check the car maintenances manual.